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The Thompson’s have been in ministry collectively for over 25 years and joined together to bring a message of salvation, healing and deliverance to assist others in discovering their purpose in God and advancing in their kingdom assignment


Joel Thompson

Joel Thompson is a pastor, business owner, leader, and a profound teacher who believes in rightly dividing the Word of God through study and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. His spiritual training for leadership was developed under Pastor Robbie Moore and Pastor Erma Wilson. He has served as assistant pastor for 3 years, and spend 10 years preaching and teaching in churches and in the prison system, bringing a message of deliverance and teaching via radio and social media to reach people with a message that transformed his life from a life of addiction.


Tamara Thompson

Tamara Thompson is a graduate of Oral Roberts University, a business owner and a sound prophetic leader and voice to this generation. She has been trained and ordained, under the apostolic covering of Apostle Pamela Vinnett, where she functioned as a prophetic instructor in Prophetic Age Institute.  She oversaw the prayer base at the Gate Fellowship Church, and was a part of the prophetic presbytery, collectively for a decade. She has also ministered along-side her husband as an assistant pastor and on the radio and social media.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To empower NCLC families and individuals by providing teachings to help them to understand the differences between the Old and New Covenant, while revealing Christ throughout, and helping them to understand their new position of righteousness in Christ and their rights and place in the kingdom of God.

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Our Mission

To awaken, and liberate people to embrace the grace, power and love of Christ, by laying a firm foundation of rightly dividing the truth of the word of God.

NCLC will develop, teach and train people/leaders to do “the work of the ministry”, by equipping them with tools, and principles that will aid them in reaching their families, communities, and nations for Christ- while keeping the bond of peace and the unity of the faith.


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We Appreciate Your Support to Take The Gospel To The Masses

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